Commercial Shower Doors

Are you looking for the best commercial shower doors on the market? In the United States, a commercial shower is used in many different types of industries. Among the most common are hotels, restaurants, and fitness centers. Many businesses use these shower doors to encourage patrons to come back for more visits. A business will often upgrade its business by adding a new type of commercial shower door to its facility that better suits its needs.

Taking a nice, warm shower is one of the most pleasant things you can do. It’s relaxing, and it helps you feel refreshed after a long day on the road or after working out. Commercial shower doors are the answer for anyone who needs more functionality and efficiency in their business’s bathroom. If you’re ready to install your commercial shower doors, contact Glass Pros today!


Things to Consider for Installing Commercial Shower Doors

Installations can vary depending on the type of door that you choose. There are a few different options available when it comes to doors, such as the single-track door and double-track door. Each offers its own benefits and drawbacks. Consider which is more suitable for your needs.

The installation cost varies, depending on whether you install it yourself or hire a contractor. If you want to save money, either option is viable, but it’s also important to consider how much time you will need before installation starts and what materials will be needed (not all commercial shower doors are prefabricated).

There are other considerations for commercial shower doors such as ventilation, water pressure, the size of your shower area, the unit’s load capacity, and care instructions for keeping it in good condition over time. These features will help make sure that your new door actually works well for your needs. Some other questions to ask yourself include:

  • What is the size of your bathroom? The smaller the bathroom, the more likely it will be that a standard door is going to work well for you. A larger space will call for a more flexible option, such as a frameless door or one with glass panels.
  • What do you want out of your shower/bathroom? If this is an important room in your business and if you want customers to spend time there every day, then you might not want a standard commercial shower door but instead, something with glass panels on all sides so people could see out and enjoy their surroundings without being interrupted by the curtain on the other side.
  • What style do you want? Some commercial shower doors come in sleek modern styles, while others offer more traditional options like wood paneling or stone surfaces.


Types of Commercial Shower Doors

Even if you’re not a hotel, restaurant, or fitness center, there are other types of businesses that use commercial shower doors. Before you decide on what type of commercial shower door to purchase for your business, it’s important to consider the needs of your business and the available options. Once you’ve decided on how many doors you’re going to install and what kind of functionality they have, you need to figure out what style of door you want to be installed, too.

There are different styles and types of doors available, but they mostly depend on the size of your space and what type of functionality fits best into it. There are three specific styles: full-height solid doors (the most popular option), dual-track doors with a center dividing wall (a popular option for smaller spaces or for multiple people who share a bathroom), and frameless glass doors that can be used on their own or as dividers from other doors. Some other commercial shower doors include:

  1. Standard Door: This type is typically used in buildings with low ceilings. It is also a more economical option because it is less expensive than other doors.
  2. Corner or Curved Door: These types of doors are best used when there is a high chance that people will be bumping into them while showering. They offer ADA requirements and a wider range of motion.
  3. Frameless Doors: This can be ideal for public spaces and spaces that are large enough to accommodate this form of door.
  4. Glass Reinforced Doors: Although there are higher costs involved, this type is perfect for businesses looking for an aesthetic upgrade for their facility or one that wants to make sure the glass does not break easily in the event of an accident.
  5. Slider Enclosures: These types of showers can create an open area where employees can interact with customers without compromising customer privacy.

Pros and Cons of Commercial Shower Doors

Commercial shower doors are durable and offer increased thermal insulation, safety, and soundproofing. Plus, installation is easier with the custom-made frames that come with commercial shower doors.

Commercial shower doors are sometimes more expensive than residential models, but they also offer a better quality of life. Commercial shower doors are more durable, offer a greater level of privacy, and can make your bathroom look more impressive.

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Commercial Shower Doors in Tampa FAQS

If you still have some questions about installing Commercial Shower Doors in Tampa, FL, you’re not alone! Several details are involved when you install a new shower door, and it’s essential to make sure you have everything you need before starting the process. If you still have some questions, contact Glass Pro Tampa today!




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