EnduroShield is a revolutionary

glass coating that protects your shower doors.


Glass Door Protection


EnduroShield is a revolutionary glass coating that provides outstanding protection to your glass surfaces. The technology behind EnduroShield creates an ultra long lasting shield that helps to extend the life of your glass doors by up to three times. This patented formula also works to resist scratches, water spots, chemical staining, acid rain, and other environmental contaminants.

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EnduroShield is the number one choice for glass protection.

With its years of proven performance and unmatched quality, you can trust that EnduroShield will keep your glass doors looking like new for many years to come. Get peace of mind knowing that your glass surfaces are always in top condition with EnduroShield – outstanding protective coatings and ultra-long-lasting glass treatments. Invest in EnduroShield today and enjoy the benefits of superior protection!


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Why use Enduroshield for shower doors?

EnduroShield is an ultra long-lasting protective coating that enables you to keep your shower doors looking and performing like new for years to come. The specially formulated glass coating creates a non-stick surface that repels soap scum, hard water deposits, and other dirt and grime with ease. Not only does this reduce time spent cleaning, but also helps protect the structure of the door from corrosion or discoloration due to these elements. Plus, EnduroShield’s exclusive formula offers superior protection against scratches and abrasions so your doors will remain in pristine condition even after frequent use. Ultimately, EnduroShield Glass Coatings provide a smart solution for any homeowner who wants their shower doors to stay looking spotless for years to come.

Add EnduroShield Glass Coatings to your shower doors today and enjoy the benefits of an effortless clean with long-term protection against dirt, grime, and scratches. Get the outstanding protective coatings you need for your home with Enduroshield glass treatments!