Shower Doors in Brandon

If you are searching for the best door company in Brandon, then look no further than Glass Pros Tampa. With experienced local professionals and acclaimed excellence in the industry, Glass Pros can meticulously craft custom glass shower doors for you. We will help you take your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary with a wide selection of designs. Frameless shower doors in the Brandon area are among the most sought-after home improvements. With custom frameless shower doors in Brandon, you will improve your bathroom’s overall appearance and make it a focal point of your home’s design. Are you ready to install your new shower door? Contact us today to get started!



Types of Shower Doors in Brandon


Did you know that there are many different types of shower doors and enclosures in Brandon? If you are not experienced in the home renovation or the glass industry or want to know all of your options before starting the process, we can help!


  1. Frameless Shower Enclosure

Still, wondering what a Frameless Shower Enclosure is? Frameless Shower Doors are not framed. They do not have a frame to support the weight of the glass. Instead, the glass is held in place by tiny clips. They are made up of multiple panels of tempered glass. In contrast to framed shower doors, frameless shower doors are enclosures that do not have metal connected at the edges of the glass.


  1. Serenity/Roller Shower Enclosure

If you are in need of a shower door to add more style and make it feel roomier without sacrificing efficiency, Serenity/Roller Shower Enclosures are an excellent way to make your bathroom feel much more polished without taking up additional space. Serenity/Roller glass doors are an excellent update on the conventional sliding door. Featuring a unique roller design, these shower doors in Brandon incorporate a roller strip that runs the entire length of the doors.


  1. Bypass Shower Enclosure

The Bypass Shower Enclosure, not to be confused with the Serenity/Roller Shower Enclosure, typically feature aluminum tracks where tempered glass panels slide. Bypass enclosures are one of the most commonly used shower doors in homes. These shower doors are framed with a metal support to secure the design of the door.


  1. Hexagonal Framed Shower Enclosures

One of the most attractive aspects of Frameless Shower Door Enclosures is their functionality in every bathroom! No matter the size of the space, the enclosures are typically built snug in the corner, and the right shower door can add spaciousness to a quaint area.


  1. Rectangle Shower Enclosure

For homes and apartments with lots of room in the bathroom, Rectangle Shower Enclosures are the best choice! These shower doors are great for bathrooms where the shower is the star.


  1. Framed Tub Enclosure

Are space limitations important for your options for installing a separate shower in your bathroom? If so, a convenient and wonderful solution to space concerns is a Framed Tub Enclosure.


Shower Doors in Brandon FAQS

Even with the most carefully planned installation, it’s possible you’ll have questions about installing shower doors in Brandon, FL. Glass Pro is here to help! Several details are involved when you install a new glass shower door, and it’s important to make sure that you’re prepared before the process begins.



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Shower Door Styles

Our custom designs will fit any space and shape in the state to your highest satisfaction. You just need to pick the glass you want, give us the size specifications, and let us know what is in your mind, and we will do the magic for you.

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  • Roller System Shower Enclosure
  • Frameless Shower Enclosure



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