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Have you been searching for the best shower door company in Lithia? Our renowned and industry-defining Frameless Shower Doors in Lithia come with limitless possibilities that will always leave you satisfied. Our team of industry professionals will professionally and unrivaled install your new glass product and help through every step in the process, from the initial first steps to installing the finished product.

Frameless shower doors in Lithia are by far one of the most sought-after home improvements in the city. With custom frameless shower doors in Lithia, you’re sure to make a big impact on any bathroom. Glass Pros can help you create the perfect look for your space—whether you are looking for traditional or modern frameless shower doors in Lithia, we can help you find exactly what you need. Ready to take the next step? Call us today!


Types of Shower Doors in Lithia

Do you know the type of shower doors you have in your current bathroom? Most people who aren’t in the glass and home improvement industry don’t realize that there are many different types of shower doors in Lithia! Whether you don’t know anything about shower doors or are still confused about the difference between framed and frameless shower doors, Glass Pros can help!


  1. Frameless Shower Enclosure

What is a Frameless Shower Enclosure? Normally, Framed Shower Doors are held by a frame bearing the entire structure. Frameless Shower Doors in Lithia are multiple panels of tempered glass. Similar to framed shower doors, they do not need support metal to give aid to the structure. Frameless shower doors are enclosures in which metal isn’t attached to the glass edges. Rather, the glass is held by clips that are used to firmly secure the top of the panels. When deciding if you want a frameless shower enclosure, it is recommended that the sizes be either 3/8 inch or ½ inch.


  1. Serenity/Roller Shower Enclosure

Are you in the market for a shower door to make your space feel more open and stylish? Serenity/Roller Shower Enclosures are a great way to make your bathroom feel more polished and spacious without giving up functionality. Serenity/roller shower doors take the traditional sliding door and update your space without taking more footage. Based on a unique roller design, these shower doors in Lithia include a roller strip that reaches the entire length of the structure at the top and bottom. They offer limitless options for any space!


  1. Bypass Shower Enclosure

   Like the Serenity/Roller Shower Enclosure, the Bypass Shower Enclosure in Lithia comprises two or more panels of tempered glass. The glass panels move on a track, typically made of aluminum, at the panels’ top and bottom. Bypass shower doors are one of the most widely used shower doors, and you have probably seen them several times and never knew the name. Who knows, you could even have a shower with bypass shower doors! Commonly, a metal frame structures bypass shower doors as well as provide the necessary support to the entire structure.


  1. Hexagonal Framed Shower Enclosures

Undoubtedly one of the most convenient aspects of Hexagonal Framed Shower Enclosures is their adaptability to any space, regardless of size! Installed in the corner of your bathroom, hexagonal shower doors can turn any shower into a contemporary place of respite.


  1. Rectangle Shower Enclosure

For bathrooms with plenty of space, Rectangle Shower Enclosures make the most of it! If that sounds like your bathroom layout, rectangle shower enclosures are perfect for those who want their shower enclosure to be the highlight of the bathroom.


  1. Framed Tub Enclosure

If lack of space in the bathroom prevents you from building a shower on its own, a wonderful solution to space concerns is to convert your tub into a multi-purposed Framed Tub Enclosure. Cleverly designed panels of tempered glass will keep excess water contained inside the enclosure while allowing you to access shower fixtures.


Types of Glass Shower Doors in Lithia


After you’ve chosen the type of shower door in Lithia you’d like to install in your bathroom, the next step is to decide the type of glass! While there are tons of glass used for shower doors, the most commonly used ones are clear, frosted, tinted, and rain.


  1. Clear Glass Shower Doors

Clear Glass Shower Doors are the most widely known glass shower doors. Regardless of size, the glass is transparent glass and opens up the bathroom.


  1. Frosted Glass Shower Doors

Frosted Glass Shower Doors supply privacy and a less transparent option to clear glass shower doors without being entirely blocked. Normally, a single side of the glass is etched to give it a frosty appearance.

  1. Tinted Glass Shower Doors

Tinted Glass Shower Doors are slightly colored, usually with a neutral color like bronze, to increase the level of privacy in bathrooms.


  1. Rain Glass Shower Doors

Rain Glass Shower Doors, as the name suggests, resembles the effect of rainwater trailing down the glass. Similar to frosted and tinted, this glass supplies a level of privacy that clear glass shower doors do not offer.

What’s next once you have chosen your type of shower doors in Lithia? Call Glass Pro for more information about your dream shower door!


Shower Doors in Tampa FAQS

If you still have some questions about installing shower doors in Tampa, FL, you’re not alone! Several details are involved when you install a new shower door, and it’s essential to make sure you have everything you need before starting the process. If you still have some questions, contact Glass Pro Tampa today!




Shower Door Styles

Our custom designs will fit any space and shape in the state to your highest satisfaction. You just need to pick the glass you want, give us the size specifications, and let us know what is in your mind, and we will do the magic for you.

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