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Are you still using an outdated, way past worn out shower curtain? Or are you renovating your bathroom and looking for a stylish addition to your interior design? In case you’re on the hunt for the #1 shower door company in Wesley Chapel, Glass Pros is here to help you through the entire process. No detail is too small! With our team of expert installers, you can expect the highest level of professionalism paired with high-quality products. Whether you’re looking for shower doors in Wesley Chapel that’ll impress your guests or a way to increase your home’s value, installing a new shower door is a great way to take your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary!

   There are several factors that go into picking out a new shower door, including price, style, and size. Glass Pros takes all of these factors in consideration when working with clients and ensure your shower door completes your bathroom dreams. Whether you’re new to home improvement or are an expert on the glass industry, getting your new shower door professionally installed is a foolproof and easy process when working with a company you can trust. Ready to get started? Call Glass Pros today!


Types of Shower Doors in Wesley Chapel

If you’re new to shower doors and don’t know all of the options you can choose from, you’re not alone! There are many various options for shower doors in Wesley Chapel to choose from and they normally fall under two categories: framed and frameless. Don’t know the difference between framed and frameless shower doors in Wesley Chapel?

Framed shower doors are a beautiful way to create a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. These shower doors are made of glass, but they include optically clear resin that fills the glass pieces and creates a more seamless look. Framed shower doors can be custom-made to fit exactly into your shower, but measuring the space properly is essential. Framed shower doors are a popular choice for homeowners in Wesley Chapel, but some consider frameless shower doors to be superior to framed because they are not as secure as frameless. Framed shower doors have frames that surround the bottom and sides of the entire structure, leaving a small gap around the edge where water can potentially leak out. Some examples of framed doors in Wesley Chapel include:


  • Hexagonal Framed Shower Enclosure —Is space a big factor when it comes to your new shower door? Hexagonal framed shower enclosures are a stylish solution to your bathroom’s space issues. Since they are typically built in a corner of the bathroom, these type of framed shower doors are extremely functional without sacrificing elegance.
  • Rectangle Framed Shower Enclosure —If space isn’t a concerning factor when choosing a new shower door, rectangle framed shower enclosures are perfect for turning your bathroom into your favorite space in your home. Each shower door can be custom-made to fit your distinct taste and needs since they come in various styles. These type of framed shower doors are a sleek and modern and are guaranteed to impress guests.
  • Bypass Shower Enclosure —If you’re looking for a framed shower doors that slides, then bypass shower enclosures are the door for you! Designed with panels of tempered glass, the door is framed with metal and slides on a track, typically made with aluminum. This shower door is a wonderful space-saver and sleek, yet functional, addition for your bathroom.


Frameless shower doors in Wesley Chapel are one of the most decorative additions you can include when remodeling your bathroom or installing an all-new door. There are different types of frameless glass that varies in price depending on what look you’re going for around your tub or sink area too! The types of frameless doors available include fixed panels, which seal seamlessly with touch-free ball corners, sliding panels where you’ll see grilles at either side to cover up the panel edges which slide across each other when opened, bottom hung panels which sit on top of brackets so there’s no pressure against walls or flooring near outlet piles, and lastly pivot doors.

  • Serenity/Roller Shower Enclosure —While a hinged shower door requires a pivot point for swinging open and shut, the serenity/roller shower enclosure slides back and forth on a track and incredibly easy to use for those with mobility issues. They offer a sleek and modern look that’s perfect for upgrading any old shower. Serenity/roller shower enclosures create a bit of drama with their clean lines and contemporary hardware.
  • Tub Enclosure —Are you looking to turn your tub into a multi-purpose space in your bathroom? Or are you just tired of leaking water onto the ground when using the tub? Whether you’re just getting start for your day or are unwinding after a long shift, Tub enclosures make your average tub into a dual-purpose place for tranquility.


If you’re ready to install your new shower door in Wesley Chapel, call Glass Pros today and we’ll work with you to pick the best option for your bathroom space!



Shower Doors in Wesley Chapel FAQS

If you still have some questions about installing shower doors in Tampa, FL, you’re not alone! Several details are involved when you install a new shower door, and it’s essential to make sure you have everything you need before starting the process. If you still have some questions, contact Glass Pro Tampa today!




Shower Door Styles

Our custom designs will fit any space and shape in the state to your highest satisfaction. You just need to pick the glass you want, give us the size specifications, and let us know what is in your mind, and we will do the magic for you.

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